EOS Land is proud to present our EOSIO block production infrastructure. The EOS Land infrastructure reflects design decisions shaped by a proven track record of implementing systems for some of the largest critical infrastructure telecommunications and financial services companies in the world. Our sophisticated data centers have high availability, fully redundant in both electrical utilities and telecom infrastructure, fully monitored physical presence with CCTV and access monitoring, as well as climate control, fire suppression, and leakage detection.

Security is our top priority and our team is currently performing threat modeling, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing to ensure the security of the network and have demonstrated an ability to withstand a 200Gb/second DDOS attack. To increase in signal to noise ratio we use intelligence-driven threat management technologies such as SIEM. We will also be regularly engaged in independent third-party security audits to review our technology stack and development of security architecture patterns and designs.

We have implemented a Three Phase plan to create the optimal block-producing architecture for EOSIO.

Phase 1 – Lab (Complete)

We maintain constant pace with EOSIO revisions and additions via our dedicated hardware lab located in Vancouver, Canada. This lab serves as a mirror of our production environment while maintaining security and separation from our mission critical infrastructure. This ensures that we can push performance enhancements and catch critical bugs in a sandboxed environment before they are pushed to the live network.

Phase 2 – Distributed Production (Complete)

EOS Land has built a distributed infrastructure spanning from Toronto to California to handle the datas demands of a rapidly expanding network. We’ve meticulously constructed an infrastructure package that exceeds the performance requirements of the EOS network both for today, and far into the future. These include rapidly approving blocks, storing and transmitting massive amounts of IPFS data, and thwarting up to 200GB per second DDOS attacks.

Phase 3 – Production Scale (Deploying June 1, 2018)

While EOS Land builds out proprietary data centers we will take full advantage of all of the benefits of using AWS as a scalable data centre with multiple availability zones both domestically and overseas. We have already built a proprietary EOS environment with Anycast load balancing and regional peering, along with ultra hosting that achieves 100% uptime to ensure we are always available. We have also implemented intelligent DNS resolutions one step ahead in proper time and make achievement on the request response and calculation requirements of the millisecond level.

Cluster node specs:

CPU:Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 (18core) x 8 = 144 cores
Network:10 Gbps
Firewall – Throughput 7.4Gbps
SSD:1000 TB IPFS Storage
32,000 IOPS